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$ 80,905

VacuShock kits $64.99 Contains: Detailed step by step directions.
1 Jar of VacuShock w/added Invizo-Guard PP 6 ct Yellow tablets. Voted CR-Foundation's Top Product.
Restores 100% suction-Removing ALL Bio-film-Cross-contamination,Leaving your vacuum lines fresh&flowing like New. Maintains consistent suction!
Removes Vile Odors eliminates Vacuum pump strain-Non Toxic -Non Corrosive-Non Foaming. Used once every 2 to 3 months.
1 Jar of VacuClear w/added Invizo-Guard 45 ct purple tablets The self-cleaning patented method eliminates end of the day manual cleaning.
VacuClear's State of the art process activates during patient procedures. Sending its maximum strength cleaning agents in increments all day throughout the day while disrupting bio-film buildup. Used once to Twice a week.
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