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Henan, China
$ 48

2hole/4hole standard E-generator
integrated LED handpiece
Head: Standard /Torque head
chuck typeE:push button
working air
pressure :0.22-0.30MPa(0.25MPa preferred)
atomization pressure:under
5.00Mpa(0.30MPa preferred)
supply voltage :3.2-3.5V
free load speed :≥350,000R.P.M
life of led bulb:≥5000hours
life luminous intensity :≥1500mcd
speed of generator :18,000-22,000R.P.M
led color temperature:3500K-4000K
grip power :25-45N
bur applicable:Φ1.595-1.600mm
net weight :88g
noise: not exceed 70db
spray :triple water spray
MOQ: 20 pcs

USD 39.0/CP
MOQ 100
Cartridge :
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